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The Monopoly Method:

An Insider’s Guide to Navigating Wall Street and Becoming a Better Investor

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- How to adopt the most valuable tools and strategies professionals use to make well timed and long term investment decisions.

- How to conduct research efficiently in order to separate the noise from the signal, including which signals to watch for in the financial, technology, consumer, commodity, industrial and energy sectors.

- How to monitor the economy and incorporate market analysis into your investment style.

- How to identify, monitor and trade the best stocks for your portfolio. Case studies of Apple, Cisco and Wal-Mart are reviewed.

- How to manage risk in the stock market and in your portfolio.

- Plus over 30 global investment themes and corresponding stocks are revealed.

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Being in the right place at the right time is what The Monopoly Method is all about. While simple and easy to understand, the Monopoly Method is also comprehensive and powerful. It will change the way you think about investing in the stock market. It will make investing fun, profitable and less risky. Most importantly, The Monopoly Method will give you the confidence to take control of your financial destiny.


The Monopoly Method views companies with monopolistic tendencies and significant growth opportunities as the best long-term investments. Investing in Monopolies leads to greater investment returns while simultaneously lowering your risk.


The Monopoly Method uses a specific, scaleable, and repeatable format to conduct research into possible investments.


The Monopoly Method uses a proprietary process to take that research and use it to make investment decisions. That process is then measured and recalibrated for both success and failure.


The Monopoly Method scoring page guides you through the assembly of key data about your investments, then allows you to input the data to calculate a unique and powerful Monopoly Method score for your investment.

“McCall's strategy of focusing on monopolists has the dual virtues of being both intellectually compelling and also right. Plus, he's got that rare attribute: a Wall Street guy who can speak in the language of the rest of us.”

 - DUFF MCDONALD  - Contributing Editor: Fortune, Author: Last Man Standing

"The simple common sense process Greg offers while distilling two decades experience allows an investor to dodge the potholes that can be extraordinarily disheartening and costly. Greg takes the mystery out of investing. Warren Buffett wisely suggests not to invest in what you don't know. Greg's process helps you know what is necessary to build conviction in your investments."

- PIP COBURN – Founder: Coburn Ventures, Author: The Change Function

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