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Greg McCall is the founder of Rock Crest Capital, LLC, an alternative asset management firm based in Norwalk, Connecticut. He has spent the past 20 years working with technology, consumer and energy companies, as an equity manger, advisor and venture investor. Prior to founding and managing Rock Crest Capital, a $175 million fund in 2007, Greg was a Managing Director at Westway Capital, a $990 million dollar fund focused on technology markets, as well as companies and industries significantly altered by technological progress. He co-managed a direct investment portfolio of both private and public companies. He has consulted with, and/or invested in private companies, including Greenfield Online, SuperWater Solutions, Earth Markets, Yipes!, Tantivy Communications, and Tellme. Before Westway Capital, Mr. McCall was a an early partner at Dietche & Field Advisors, a $5 billion investment fund and acting as an analyst/portfolio manager directed investments in the technology sector. During his career, Mr. McCall has experienced firsthand, best practices management from start-up ventures to seasoned public companies and in addition to serving on various panels, being quoted in multiple publications and speaking at conferences, has met and consulted with many senior managers, operating level employees and consultants. Greg received his degree in finance from the University of Massachusetts and graduated cum laude, while competing and ranking nationally as a member of a division one gymnastics team.

He is active civically, focusing his time helping foster the involvement of parents, leaders and mentors in the development of at risk youth in his local community. Working with The George Washington Carver he built a computer lab and founded the local chapter, called Rowayton Connections which helps raise capital to fund growth and programs at the center.

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